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About personal challenges and how they help us to grow

About personal challenges and how they help us to grow

This morning I woke up with a decision: Tomorrow, May 1st, 2018, I'll start a new personal challenge, which I have named: "3D Designs Five-0".

GREAT!!!  right?

Ok. Maybe I need to explain a little bit more so we can all be on the same page and you can understand and share my enthusiasm.

One year ago, I started my formal training in RhinoGold, the CAD software that I use to design pieces of jewelry that can be printed with a 3D printer, in wax, and then cast in metal. It's been an exciting process, I have learned a lot and I'm very proud of what I have accomplished. However, the yearly learning subscription ended recently and I still want to continue growing and improving my skills. I feel that I have the basics tools and, for now, I maybe don't need to pay for additional formal training, but I definitely need to keep practicing if I want to improve.

I have tried to sit and start practicing but I keep being distracted by many other tasks, important or not, and I have been procrastinating. However, it keeps coming to my mind that I need to (and I really want to) do it.

So, I came up Today with the idea of challenging myself to design a specific amount of pieces in a specific amount of time. One year seemed like a reasonable time frame, but the frequency was less evident. Once a day? That sounded as a real challenge, but not reachable. Once a week? That seemed Ok, but I felt it was a little bit too easy. Maybe "every few days" would be the answer. That lead me to: "every five days" and then to "every day that ends in 5 or 0" and then it just came to me, first as a joke, 5-0, just as Hawaii Five-0, and suddenly I had not only a very specific challenge, but also a name for it and even the excitement of making a logo for my challenge, inspired by the TV Show. Suddenly the task is fun, exciting and I feel that I cannot wait to start.

Starting Tomorrow and for one year, I'll design and post a new 3D CAD design every day ending in 5 or 0. This way, I'll end up with 73 new products in my Shapeways store by May 1st 2019 and will practice a lot and learn a lot, for sure.

And I'm very happy with this decision... which leads me to this blog post. Why if we feel better as soon as we make a decision to stop procrastinating it's sometimes so difficult to start? It seems that the answer is simple: we need two things: 1) To establish a reachable goal, yet challenging enough that would require some effort to be able to get there and 2) To get or build motivation.

A personal challenge  helps us to define specific goals but not only that, it also gives us motivation to keep the momentum and effort required to reach them. 

So, wish me luck with this new challenge. I'm so excited that I even have considered writing a specific blog for the challenge, in which I'll post every new piece and explain about the specific creative process that lead to it and I'm opening a dedicated Instagram account just for it.

Are you up to follow me (@3ddesignsfive0 in Instagram) and support me in this challenge?

Which are your current, or next, personal challenges? Which has been your most rewarding one? I'd love to know your inspirational and motivational stories.


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