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Blue, blue, blue... like the Sky and the Sea

Blue, blue, blue... like the Sky and the Sea

Up to the moment when I moved to Punta Cana, in July 2016, I was never surrounded for so long by so much blue: Sea Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Deep Blue. An incredibly diverse variety of shades, tones and tints of blue are present in the Caribbean landscape, and I am attached to this color like never before.

It came as no surprise to me that when I was ready to start designing my latest collection, I felt an urgency to use blue in some way, among the main colors that were going to star the design.

There are so many options of gemstones that come in blue. Among my favorites are: Larimar, Aquamarine (my Birthstone), Sapphire and, of course, Topaz. I struggled a little bit but, after a lot of research, trials and errors, I decided on the Sky Blue Topaz for the "Waves" collection.

Blue Topaz rarely occurs naturally. In general, the shades of blue that are found in the market are obtained by irradiation and heat, generating a color change that is permanent and stable. The most popular shades of blue for the Topaz are: London Blue (deep and dark), Swiss Blue (medium) and Sky Blue (light). 

For those who believe in healing properties of the natural gems, Blue Topaz is thought to help with communication abilities and for this reason it has been considered the writer's stone. It's a symbol of love and affection and helps with sweetness and disposition.

Blue Topaz is December's Birthstone.

Blue, blue, blue... What does this color symbolize? Trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, are some of the main traits associated with it. Light blue promotes calm, quiet, softness and helps to slow the human metabolism.

I love blue because it surrounds me in this paradise where I'm grateful to live and makes me feel calm and happy.

I love blue because it's the color of my dad's, my husband's and my first daughter's eyes.

Why do you love Blue?

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