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Dance, relax and loosen up in the Caribbean

Dance, relax and loosen up in the Caribbean

Many countries celebrate Carnival in February / March. It is a public celebration of joy, and a license to join a social event where it is acceptable to loosen up and even commit some excesses (drink, dance, sing, yell), while usually even being "in disguise", pretending to be someone else with a costume, or hiding behind a mask. It is acceptable and OK to experiment and feel things that usually you would not, in your everyday life.

I grew up celebrating Carnival every year, wearing costumes at school. I sewed many costumes for my daughters when they were growing up. And even though I've always enjoyed this, I've been intrigued by the fact that people seem to change a little bit during this celebration and allow themselves to show some traits that normally they try to control and contain.

And then, I realized that something similar happens when people from other countries come to the Caribbean for vacations, regardless of the time of year. Carnival or not, Caribbean vacations are, for many, an opportunity to let go and have fun in a very different way than they would in their hometown.

The Caribbean is associated with relaxation, but also with fun and joy. In the Caribbean, you feel brave enough to dance, although maybe you are shy and don't dance as much. Music and dance are all around.

In the Caribbean, you feel alive, you laugh more, you feel stronger, you feel happy.

The Caribbean is an eclectic mix of cultures: Europe and Africa joined local Native Tribes, and the result is a beautiful and unique expression that comes to life in a tropical setting, full of sun and surrounded by clear waters. Of course, each island developed its own identity, but they all share a common thread that join them.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because I want you to understand and feel what surrounds me when I'm designing my pieces. Because I want you to feel the joy and the dance through the pieces that I make for you inspired by the Sea, Sun and Sand, and take home something that will remind you the importance of loosening up sometimes and allowing yourself to do your "Holiday Dance" (instead of the very well known "Happy Dance") whenever you want to feel again the joy and relaxation that your Caribbean vacation made you feel.

Don't forget to dance. Always. It's magic. It can change your mood. It can cheer you up. It can make you feel great.

Which Caribbean rhythm do you like best? Which one are you willing to dance today?


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