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Mindfulness, to have thoughts as clear as the water from the ponds

Mindfulness, to have thoughts as clear as the water from the ponds

Here in Punta Cana, we have the "Ojos Indígenas" (Indigenous Eyes) ecological reserve. It's a beautiful and magical forest reserve with freshwater ponds.

I feel blessed of being able to visit the ponds whenever I can, because it's close from home. Going there on a week day, during a time of the day when there are few people (or no one) visiting, feels like having a personal Paradise. Silence, fresh and clear water, birds singing, light breeze. Everything sets up the perfect scenario for meditation and relax.

The water is so clear that you would not believe the depth of the pond. You think the bottom is right close to you, until you enter into the (cold) water and realize that your feet cannot reach it.

Sometimes I wish I could have the same clarity of that water in my mind, most of the time.  Creativity, as well as almost any activity in our life, benefits from clarity of thoughts. When we clear out our mind from worries, fears, insecurities, we open space to new and improved ideas and we are able to better communicate positive emotions. 

I feel more productive and creative when I am relaxed, rested and focused. For that, I need to stop and be present, and that is what mindfulness is all about: to bring attention to the present moment, fully aware of what is happening. It's been a process for me to be able to do so, and many times it's still difficult. I tend to be easily distracted by small (or big) worries and trivial thoughts. But as "Practice makes a master", I'm committed to increasing my mindful moments.

I found a very useful and interesting article on How to Apply Mindfulness to the creative process, you can read it here.

Mindfulness is one of the resources I'm trying to use in order to improve the quality of the designs of the jewelry pieces I offer, and it's an integral part of my Caribbean experience of being "Inspired by the Sea".

Have you tried Mindfulness or meditation as a tool to improve your creativity and productivity in your work or everyday life? Which other resources do you usually use? I'd love to learn from you.


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