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Messages in a bottle for my Beach Pals


Why "sea inspired" goes beyond pearls, shells and organic shapes?

When I designed the latest "Waves" collection, I decided to conduct some research, and I asked two questions:

1- What does the Caribbean mean to you?

2- What do you think about when I say "Sea inspired jewelry" or "Caribbean inspired jewelry"?

The first question was very clear. Beyond the obvious "Beach" and "Palm Trees", Caribbean transmits a lot of EMOTIONS. Most of the answers were related with the way the Caribbean makes you feel, and not so much on what specific objects the Caribbean makes you think about. Answers such as: Joy, Relax, Freedom, Alive, Peace, Happiness, Calm, Freshness, were very frequent and they were very consistent. They sounded as a very deep craving and made me understand why a Caribbean vacation is always seen as an escape to Paradise.

Surprisingly,  the answer to the second question was quite different, and most of the mentioned ideas were related with specific shapes and materials from the Caribbean, such as shells, pearls, corals, and many times it was also associated with jewelry that you can wear at the beach.

This difference made me think about what I really wanted to do with my designs and what I'd like my jewelry to be for my clients. 

I decided that I want my jewelry to be MEANINGFUL to my clients, because shapes and materials can vary along the way, but the deep meaning that some accessory can bring to your life stays for ever, adds value, and can actually have a positive impact in the way you feel.

My "Sea inspired Jewelry" intends to transmit how the Caribbean FEELS. It does not replicate shapes that live in the Caribbean or materials that can be found in there. 

This is why you won't necessarily find always shells, pearls or Larimar in my pieces, but you can find many shades of blue, pink, green in many different stones, even those that come from other places.

This is why you won't necessarily find shell shapes, sea turtles, fishes, starfishes and other beach elements and shapes, but you can find wavy curves, balance and lines that suggest the light breeze.

Don't get me wrong. I love pearls, shells and organic shapes. What I state here does not mean that I won't use them. I use pearls and shells in many of my pieces and will continue to do so. But, I don't rely on them, and them ONLY, to transmit the concept and the feeling that I intend to communicate with a specific piece.

Talking with my husband about this, he indicated something that was a clear insight of this intention. He said that my work was CONCEPTUAL. And that is true. If we take the textual definition of Conceptualism or Conceptual Art, as a movement that prioritizes the idea over the actual representation of it. Without attempting to consider myself a conceptual artist, the actual concept of "conceptualism" appeals to me at this moment, and helps me to understand what I'm trying to transmit with my humble jewelry work.

"Sea inspired jewelry" means for me the creation of pieces that will make you feel the calm, happiness, freshness and balance of the Caribbean, anywhere you are, at any moment, with any weather.

What does the Caribbean mean to you? How does this translate in your style and the accessories you wear?


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