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What's in the Jewelry Box for 2018? Let's find out

What's in the Jewelry Box for 2018? Let's find out

What does 2018 bring in Jewelry trends? When I decided to write this month's blog post about trends for upcoming year, I started my search and found a huge array of sources of information and inspiration. This made it difficult, at first, to get a clear idea of what's coming for next year as the main fashion trends for accessories.

Faster than I would have liked, my background in market research put me into "Analysis Mode" and I ended up with a comparison of the common aspects highlighted by a variety of trusted and reputable sources. Today, I'd like to share with you the result of this analysis, so you can make your own conclusions and decide which of the forecasted trends appeals best to you.

The sources I checked were the following:
- Vogue Paris (here)
- Harpers Bazaar (here)
- Jewelry Trends (Blog) (here)
- JCK (Jewelry Circular Keystone – Authority Magazine in Jewelry business) (here)
- Glowsly (Online news about fashion and beauty) (here)
- Behance (leading online platform to showcase creative work) (here)

There were a lot of interesting ideas and findings, but I'd like to summarize here the ones that appeared in at least two of the six different sources. Based on that, we could say that most probable leading trends in jewelry for 2018 will be:

Bold Jewelry (mentioned by 4 sources) - 2018 will bring more interest for statement pieces that suffice for themselves as focal attraction. The use of very long earrings or very large hoops will be the main manifestation of this trend.

Asymmetry (mentioned by 4 sources) - From un-matched earrings to unbalanced designs, order and balance seem to be a thing of the past and asymmetry becomes the trend to follow.

Nature motifs and inspiration (mentioned by 3 sources) - Nature-inspired shapes, raw, natural and organic materials will be seen more and more in 2018 jewelry.

Brooches (mentioned by 3 sources) - No longer "my grandma's main jewelry piece", brooches are in fashion and are coming back strong in the New Year.

Layering & stacking (mentioned by 2 sources) - If you don't like bold and large jewelry pieces, don't worry. Thin chains and minimalist bracelets and rings still have a long life ahead. But the growing trend is to wear more than one, layering and combining textures and metals.

Crystal / Sparkle (mentioned by 2 sources) - Sparkling is still in. If you like glamour and glitter, bring out your crystals and glow brightly in 2018.

Which of these trends appeals better to you? I personally love the layering and see myself also exploring asymmetry and natural materials in my new collections. Not so sure about brooches... I don't think I would be inspired enough to design these pieces, but you never know... anything can happen.

Happy 2018 for everyone, hoping that your life during this year comes full of BOLD positive experiences that will make you SPARKLE.



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