12 delicate bracelets in natural stones and silver, featuring colours and elements that are typical in our Caribbean landscape.

Each one in beautiful natural stones, with Silver accents and one Sea-Inspired silver charm. Blue Topaz, Green Peridot and Yellow Citrine, to remind the day light landscape. Pink and Smoky quartz to resemble the romantic sunset and night.

12 different charms to choose from:

Combined with Blue Topaz: Seahorse, Starfish, Dolphin, Wave and Anchor.

Combined with Yellow Citrine: Sun and Butterfly.

Combined with Smoky Quartz: Moon and Star.

Combined with Pink Quartz: Flower and Heart.

Combined with Green Peridot: Turtle.

Choose the color and charm one that better suits your spirit and feel the warmth, breeze and joy from the Caribbean beach all year long.

Beach elements bracelets

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