As she lay on the beach, the soft sea-foam caressed her skin, bathing her body with its gentle touch. She felt the coolness of the water wash over her, as she looked out at the calm and majestic ocean that appeared before her. Pondering, she imagined all of the treasures that it guards within its depths. Treasures that, every once in while, the ocean gifts to the shore.

She wanted nothing more than to keep these treasures and the secrets of life and living that each of them held. She wished to immortalize them, and preserve the beauty and meaning that each treasure held deep within its form, so that she could share them with the world.


An thus, our "Sea Treasures" collection was born. A collection designed to share the beauty that the sea has to offer. Each piece carried with it the essence of each treasure, allowing you to carry the grandiosity of ocean, and all that it represents, with you. Wherever you may go.

Handcrafted, with white, round, 6 mm round Freshwater pearls Grade-A, sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.

"Pearl is the queen of the gems and the gem of the queens"

Silver chains shaped as waves, charms with sea-inspired  shapes, white pearls and crystals that resemble the sparkle of the sun on the water. Elements that, together, remind us the beautiful treasures that the sea holds deep and shares with us.


14 pieces in the collection to choose from: 4 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 4 earrings and 3 rings. Some minimalist with just one pearl, some with many pearls, some with crystals, some with charms. One same concept, one collection, with many options where you'll find the variant that better suits your taste and personality.

For the pieces that include a charm, 6 variants of sea-inspired shapes are available. Each one with a very special meaning:

Starfish: Resilience, Sensibility, Perception
Seahorse: Persistence, Friendship, Patience
Dolphin: Cooperation, Gentleness, Generosity
Palm Tree: Victory, Honor, Aspiration
Sun: Energy, Vitality, Joy
Shell: Protection, Fertility, Prosperity




Sea Treasures

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