About us

"Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach", it's a quote I once read and immediately loved.


The Caribbean means beauty, depth, relax, sensuality, peace of mind, perfect balance between calm and strength. Living in the Caribbean means for me a precious opportunity, a privilege, for which I’m grateful.

Soonets Jewelry, and my passion for the jewelry design, started in Dominican Republic, while I was living in Santo Domingo, in 2006. Even though I moved later to colder places (and when I say colder I mean really colder, like -30°C, in the beautiful Ottawa), I never stopped working with the Caribbean in my mind and now, back in Punta Cana, I offer you new Soonets Jewelry collections, full of the warm, freshness and uniqueness of the Caribbean. If you have been in any Caribbean beach, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And I smile while writing this now because I know that while you read this you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the softness of the sand in your feet and the smell of the ocean.

Wearing Soonets Jewelry pieces, you’ll be closer to the Caribbean soul, anywhere you are. My designs are inspired in colours and shapes that I see everywhere around me in Punta Cana. I offer you unique pieces that are simple, elegant and meaningful, like the beach you love.

Because I know that you care for details and always look for the most updated technologies, I work my designs in 3D CAD / CAM for design, then the models are printed in castable wax and cast in metal. This allows for the possibility of customization and the search of the closest approach to the design that our clients desire, before producing the actual piece. Once cast in precious metal, every piece is hand-finished and polished, and the stones are carefully set. This brings a balance between the precision of digital process and the care of hand-made finishing.

All Soonets Jewelry pieces, whether from existing lines or custom made, are designed and produced to the highest standards to satisfy your needs and interests.

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