Signature Collection

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This is the main piece of my signature collection. The two "O" of my last name, became the main part of my logo as two intertwined rings. I loved the idea at the time, because it represented my name (Soonets), my business (Jewelry - Rings) and the spirit of union and team work (Intertwined).

When I started to design in 3D, I made it an initial challenge for myself to design the logo piece. After I made it, I order one for myself and have worn it in my neck ever since. Many people have complimented the piece, so I decided to make it available to the public, under the "Signature" collection. You can order it in 8 different metals.

It comes without a chain, but you can purchase silver or gold filled chain directly from Shapeways, or wear it with any other chain that you already have.


Take me to Shapeways' Soonets Jewelry Store to Shop the Signature Pendant