Waves collection


Available November 9th, 2017

The Waves collection is our first collection in the new phase of our business, after moving to Punta Cana in 2016, and it has been totally inspired for the magic experience of living in the Caribbean. The main source of inspiration in this collection is the slow and constant movement from the waves in the sea. We reproduced in the metal parts of our pieces, the soft and healing wave that comes and go to the seashore.

We designed the metal pieces in 3D CAD software, then they were printed in Cast Wax with a 3D printer, cast in brass and plated in precious metal: 18K Yellow Gold Plated, 14K Rose Gold Plated and Rhodium Plated. Once we had the design, we trusted the metal part production to a third party, Shapeways, a company in NY that specialises in 3D printing. With the metal parts ready, the assembly of each jewelry piece is totally hand made. This allows us to combine the precision and high tech of 3D production, with the care and uniqueness of hand made jewelry.

Following the inspiration in the Caribbean, we choose three colours of stones to combine with yellow (Gold Plated) and silver (Rhodium Plated), which resemble the main colours from the Caribbean beaches: Blue from the sea and sky (Topaz), Green from the vegetation (Peridot) and Yellow from the sun and sand (Citrine).

And, when the night approaches, the sky turns pink. To capture this magical moment, we have the pink metal (Rose Gold Plated) and pink stone: Rose Quartz.

The collection has 16 different pieces: 6 necklaces, 4 bracelets, 4 earrings and 2 rings to choose from, each one in different variants of metals and colours.

Visit us on November 9th to explore the Waves collection and enjoy the magic of the Caribbean with you all Year long.